The Ultimate Nuvata Gift Guide For All Your Stoner Friends

 The best part is, they’re all vapes and you can buy them all right here.

At Nuvata, we know any good gift has to be as special as the person receiving it. And we believe that the same rule of thumb applies to cannabis. So we didn’t stop at one perfect vape — we made 7 of them. Each one has a unique blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work together to give you what you deserve this Holiday season: the perfect high.

#1. The Stoner who…can’t sit still

Museums, hikes, maybe a big mall — it doesn’t matter where this stoner is, they’re going to find something to do. These are the stoners who like to f-ing goooo after consuming. They’re the go-getters who hit the vape before bouncing out the door for a spin class and maybe some pilates after who knows the world is their oyster!! Frankly, we salute you, “The Actives”. And we have just the vape to keep your engines running.  

The Gift

Limonene will engage your most excellent creative instincts, while myrcene and linalool introduce calming and relaxing effects. Humulene reinforces an active, doer’s mindset.

#2. The Stoner who…doesn’t get why everyone can’t relaaaax

C’mmmooonnn…can’t we all sit on the couch and cycle through Netflix videos of logs burning? Why does everyone want to do stuff all the time? Don’t worry, Relaxer, we got you. We know “The Relaxer” wants nothing more than to burrow down into their seasonal Snuggie, cuddle with a pet or two, and totally vibe out to Spotify. That’s why we’ve made a vape with a full body high to out-chillax even the most laidback stoner. 

The Gift

The terpene limonene provides a sense of creativity, while myrcene provides a strong, calming effect. Caryophyllene and linalool keep the spirit uplifted and relaxed, and humulene injects a subtle hint of kinetic energy to keep you feeling engaged with your tranquility.

The terpene composition of this blend begins with myrcene, creating the dominant calming sensation. Caryophyllene contributes a warm feeling of uplift along with pinene, which enhances a sense of focus. 

#3. The Stoner who…constantly “invents” stuff 

What can we say, we love a good creative! “The Inventor” is the person who takes a hit and pulls out the drafting paper — these are the imbibers whose brains are always whirring with new thoughts, ideas, and meme formats for Baby Yoda. “The Inventor” needs a strong lift to the dome but without and distracting body effects that will get in the way of their Greatest Idea Yet. 

The Gift

The terpene myrcene lays a calming sensational foundation upon which pinene and caryophyllene then build perceptual focus and spiritual uplift. Limonene inspires creative introspection while humulene keeps the body feeling active, rounding out this blend’s balanced feel.

The terpene terpinolene sets a meditative tone and combines with caryophyllene for a sensation of uplifted reflection. Myrcene provides a calming sensation, while humulene and pinene keep your mind alert and focused, primed to experience your world in high definition.

#4. The Stoner who…has reached Nirvana 

You know the friend we’re talking about… the one who can keep their head on whether they’ve been tricked into doing an immersive theater experience (*shudder*) or just won two tickets to their favorite show. No matter what is happening, this perfectly balanced toker is always there with a smile, a comforting hand, and a couple solid YouTube videos for the newbies. 

The Gift

The terpene caryophyllene sets this blend’s uplifting tone, bolstered by humulene and limonene, which keep you feeling active and creatively stimulated. Linalool and myrcene introduce a relaxed feeling of calm to complete this blend’s balanced feel.

But really, no matter what kind of stoner you are or what you celebrate, there’s only one thing that matters this season: giving yourself and the people you love awesome stuff. Happy holidays! 

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