Vape Statement

Nuvata is releasing testing results for its products to assure our customers that Nuvata’s plant-based formulations meet and exceed California’s rigorous safety standards. No adverse effects have been reported on Nuvata’s ingredients.

Every batch of Nuvata products made available to consumers is safety tested and found to meet or exceed California State’s rigorous standards for pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins and heavy metals. Since inception, Nuvata has complied with all California state safety regulations.

Unlike refillable vape cartridges, our self-contained vaporizer hardware prevents tampering with our vape oils and ensures the customer is receiving the premium quality, botanical ingredients listed on the packaging without additives or cutting agents including Vitamin E acetate, PG, PEG, PV or MCT oil. Nuvata’s hardware has also passed a materials safety exam, ensuring undesirables will never leach into our oil.

“We formulate Nuvata with a wellness-first philosophy. First and foremost, we value our customer’s trust and we have created a supply chain that values customer wellness throughout the process,” said Andy Singh, CEO & Founder of Prime Care Inc., Nuvata’s parent company.

“I founded Nuvata in the era of California’s safety testing, we have only operated in the legal, regulated market. I would never sell a product I myself wouldn’t use. By publishing our testing results, we know our customers will see our supply-chain commitment to safe products, ” Singh continued.

Nuvata products are available only at licensed dispensaries throughout California and are distributed by licensed distributor, Nabis.