The Next Big Thing Belongs With You

Hand picked, elegant, and compact, Nuvata’s live resin pen features high quality cannabis oil in a powerful yet sleek dual airflow vaporizer.

Explore Our 100% Live Resin Line

Emphasizing the specific strain’s terpenes on a voguish package, our live resin invites the user to empower their connection to the original plant. At an accessible value to all, Nuvata is an advocation for consumers and retailers
to aspire to BE THE BEST YOU.

Carefully Curated Cannabinoids

Our live resin vaporizer offers a tailored approach to experience cannabis with a natural smooth taste and full spectrum concentrate. This delicate oil, while fresh and potent, elevates you to state of mind that is blissful and gratifying.

Carefully curated, our extracts are preserved of native cannabinoids and terpenes that capture the true form of the plant, unlocking its divine potential