The Entourage Effect: No More Guessing Games

Whether you’re seeking a cerebral high, physical relaxation or something in between, Nuvata has a vape suitable for all occasions. Nuvata’s premium vaporizers are not only convenient, discreet and packed with flavor, they’re intentional. Rather than leave the consumer to play guessing games when it comes to dosage and intended effects, Nuvata’s range of vapes—created specifically with a deep understanding of the ‘entourage effect’ in mind—successfully provides each user a personalized experience.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is the way in which different compounds within cannabis  work synergistically alongside the THC to essentially modulate the psychoactive effect. At Nuvata, we are adamant on removing the stigma around vaping, as well as eliminating the consumer’s concerns about dosage and achievement of the intended effects—whether full mind, body, or something in between. We’ve successfully managed to do so through mixing and matching unique blends of terpenes, which are naturally occurring in cannabis, to work in conjunction with cannabinoids in the entourage effect, facilitating a desired effect—whether it be full mind, body, or a hybrid.

This deep understanding of the entourage effect in itself, in conjunction with the vapes’ hardware aids in gently warming the oil to the ideal temperature so as to ensure our consumers can experience the full spectrum of terpene effects with cannabis, while the dual airflow aids in retaining the biggest vapor and flavor. Nuvata has taken the guessing away from the consumer, providing six unique and intentional blends ranging from mind-dominant to body dominant effects.


The refreshing strawberry taste of the full-mind vape, combined with the terpenes like caryophyllene, which provides an uplifting sensation, work alongside limonene, mycene, humuleme and linalool to engage a creative and calming high. This vape is perfect for consumers seeking a mind stimulated high without limiting their energy. Trying to get your creative juices flowing? Our full-mind vape is the one for you.


Seeking a more motivational high with emphasis on aiding focus? Nuvata’s mind dominant vape is the optimal gateway for those pursuing a more stimulating high. This high is a result of our carefully crafted blend of the terpene terpinolene, which establishes a meditative tone, working in conjunction with caryophyllene for a more uplifting feeling. Additionally, the terpenes myrcene, humulene, and pinene aid in allowing the consumer to remain alert and focused while introducing a sense of controlled calm to the mix.


For those looking for a more hybrid effect, the tropical flavored mind balance vape is the ideal combination of calming—given the terpene myrcene, which establishes the calming foundation—and a mix of pinene and caryophyllene that allow for a more focused and uplifted effect. This mix of focus and ease makes it the perfect vape for those who are seeking a flavorful high that will allow them to remain active while easing their minds.


Need to stay sharp while easing your body? Nuvata’s flavor-packed lime body balance vape is the blend for you. The terpene caryophyllene sets the tone for an uplifting high, mixed with humulene and limonene to preserve the active and creatively stimulating effect. Linalool and Myrcene provide the calm and relaxed feeling to achieve this hybrid’s body balancing feel.


Nuvata’s refreshing blueberry body dominant vape is an ideal blend for those seeking relaxation of both body and mind. The terpene limonene inspires a sense of creativity while setting a meditative tone, joined by myrcene for the strong, calming effect. Caryophyllene, linalool introduce a sense of uplifting relaxation, while humulene allows the consumer to feel engaged with their tranquil state. This vape is great for relaxation and restfulness after a long day to unwind in the evening.


For those seeking a state of full-body tranquility, look no further than the carefully crafted terpene composition of Nuvata’s full body wild grape premium vaporizer. Myrcene creates the dominant calming sensation, while caryophyllene adds a subtle feeling of uplift, while pinene works to enhance sense of focus. Humulene and linalool then work in combination to inspire the uniquely present feeling of serenity and adds an active sense of relaxation. These terpenes work together to provide the physical contentment throughout the physical body and mind.

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