New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

We made it: 2020. A new decade, a new year, a whole new you!!!! Er…well… not really. But the New Year is the time for new resolutions, and we have a few that you can actually stick to (looking at you, our new gym memberships). 

1. Clean Your Stuff

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but clean your bong. That also goes for your pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, rolling trays — anything you regularly use to imbibe. Keeping your paraphernalia and/or stash organized and cute will go along way to inspiring those habits in other areas of your life. Plus, bacteria like Strep and E. Coli can flourish in dirty bong water.

If you’re wondering how you’ll get that resin out of your now-opaque glass bong, we got you: first, empty the water from your glass piece if it has any. Then, fill it with about ¼ cup acetone or acetone-based nail polish remover (adjusting amount needed to size of piece), and about a tablespoon of salt. Cover any openings with a tissue and give it an extremely thorough shaking. It may take a few rounds of dumping, acetoning, salting, and shaking — but by then end you’ll rinse it out to find sparkly fresh glass you can actually see through.

If you need a boost to get going, try our energizing Red vaporizer — the terpene caryophyllene provides an uplifting sensation. The best part is you never have to clean it.

2. Go For a Walk/Get Outside

It’s terribly easy to fall into a rut. Whether it’s in our work, family, or personal lives, we all get stuck on problems big and small. A great, healthy coping mechanism when we’re stressed out is to get away from a screen and get outside. For some, that means going for a walk — for others, that may mean calling up a friend and scheduling an outing. 

Even standing or sitting outside for a few minutes every couple hours can help you relax and regain perspective. If you want to have an especially relaxing time, we recommend picking up Blue or Purple pre-outing, as both of their blends contain myrcene (which provides a strong calming effect).

For those who feel like a fully body-dominant experience may be too much, our Green mind-body vaporizer will may offer a more balanced experience. 

3. Learn a New Thing

And write it down! Start a running note in your phone app, or start carrying around a small notebook. Anytime you learn something that you didn’t know before, big or small, write it down. When you learn something new, your brain gets a little rush of endorphins — reinforcing those pathways will help you feel happier which each new fact learned, and helps you retain the new information.

Aaaand, if you happen to go down a YouTube documentary wormhole, be sure to have our Yellow vape on hand: pinene and caryophyllene keep the brain attentive and focused while you figure out just how squid can possibly get that big?? (Did you know: the largest giant squid ever recorded by scientists was almost 43 feet.)

Plus, you’ll be amazed at the end of a month or even a week when you look back on everything new you’ve discovered. And it’d make a pretty good post for the ‘gram but, hey, we’re not here to tell you how to live your life.

4. Shop Locally

Buying stuff is, of course, fun and awesome. But delivery services and digital storefronts make online shopping way too appealing in the modern era. And when you constantly order things that need to be shipped to you, you lose out on the other great aspect of shopping: a sense of community.

By establishing routines with your neighborhood establishments, you’ll build your sense of unity and familiar-hood with the people who live and work around you. Start small! Check out that coffee shop on your street you’ve been meaning to try, or google famer’s markets in your area and try doing one shop a month there. Around the holidays, search social media in your area to see if there are local artists you can purchase gifts from. And when it comes to Cannabis? You guessed it: buy locally. Get to know your neighborhood budtenders — it’ll enhance your high even more, promise.

It’s hard to develop new habits — so start slow and be kind to yourself, and celebrate your victories along the way. Maybe a session with your favorite vape…just throwing it out there.

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