Lauren Wooten Shares the Key to Balancing It All

Lauren Wooten, known on Instagram as @_twisted.sister_, is a self proclaimed “fit mom” that uses social media to share her journey as a fitness and health motivator, mother, lover of nature, and most notably, a cannabis advocate and influencer. While she may have first tried cannabis recreationally growing up, in this interview she shares how her use and consumption has transformed into more of a medicinal solution tailored to her specific needs.

Born in Tennessee, it is no question that Lauren’s first time trying cannabis may not have been for medicinal purposes. However, upon relocating to Southern California, learning more about the medicinal properties of cannabis consumption and experiencing new brands, Wooten shares that it has since become an important part of her routine. While she may be known for her fitness journey, motherhood, food and healthy living content and lifestyle—Wooten shares that marijuana plays a crucial role in her ability to do all of this.

Understanding the industry and emerging brands further, Lauren expresses that she loves Nuvata, specifically because it takes the guessing game out of consumption, saying that: “You really can get any high you are looking for with Nuvata.” She’s not wrong – check out the rest of the interview and how she entered the realm of content creation as not only a fitness and health influencer, but gained popularity in the cannabis space as well.

As an influencer, she expresses that her audience enjoys when she shares cannabis related content and not only that, but it allows her the freedom to post content that is truly reflective of what she likes, rather than shy away from the negative stigmas surrounding it. For influencers, it’s quite common to feel hesitant posting about something that you’re unsure your audience will react positively to, but Wooten shares that she receives a ton of feedback and interest in her own experience with cannabis from her fans. This allows her to share genuine content that reflects who she is as a person and as a fitness and health personality, further aid in removing the stigma associated with cannabis consumption as it relates to the archaic notion of “making you lazy.”

1. When was the first time you tried Cannabis? What was your experience with it? 

The first time I tried cannabis was at 14 years old with a group of friends at the park. Everyone was hanging out and having a mellow time and it seemed like a cool, relaxing thing to do. My initial experience was as a recreational activity with friends, but now, it’s become a form of medicine.

2. What do you use Cannabis for? 

I now use cannabis more medicinally than recreationally. It helps when it comes to focusing during work hours, provides me with a more relaxed feeling and more patience when hanging out with my daughter. As a mother and cannabis influencer, sharing my content plays a role in removing the stigma. Cannabis allows me to relax and unwind after a stressful work day, and of course, get better sleep.

(Lauren Wooten and her daughter)

3. How do you feel about the legalization of Cannabis in California? 

The legalization of cannabis in California was a great idea! I don’t know why it’d be illegal in the first place, as it truly is just a plant with impacts that extend beyond the recreational use of it.  Hemp which can be used for a long of things. As a nature lover and environmental enthusiast, I am passionate about saving the rainforest and make daily efforts to do my part, for example: Separate recycling and cutting up the plastics on soda cans. Sometimes the little things can lead to a larger impact if everyone does their part.

4. How did you gain interest in Cannabis? Does your audience use Cannabis, if so, do you receive a lot of feedback on products you try? 

As I mentioned, growing up it was recreational, especially in Tennessee. In SoCal, it’s quite easy to gain interest in Cannabis. My audience generally does use cannabis and in turn, I do receive a substantial amount of feedback on products I try, as well as numerous inquiries about brands from new consumers. In the past, I have done a couple giveaways, shared cannabis relative photos and content that received a number of comments and engagement. I have also seen my personal cannabis-consuming following grow as I began sharing more relative content.

5. How does your Cannabis content defer from channel to channel? 

It doesn’t really differ, as a majority of my cannabis related content is mainly shared on Instagram.

6. What do you think of Nuvata? How do you see it as a product that resonates with you? 

I loved the Tangerine flavored vape. It was so tasty, refreshing and most importantly, helped me stay focused throughout the work day. The blueberry flavored, Body Dominant vape is my perfect sleep companion. Both of them were great because each box specifically told me what type of high would be achieved and the vapes are curated for all consumes’ needs. I’m really happy there are brands like Nuvata that destigmatize Cannabis and its negative portrayal. 

7. Do you feel that spirituality and mindfulness corresponds with Cannabis? If so, how? 

Yes, they correspond. Personally, more so mindfulness. I’ve found that when I am upset about something or overreacting, I can smoke weed and it allows me to look at it from a different perspective, rather than reacting poorly on clouded emotions alone. It helps me get a better handle on the situation. 

8. Do you think society has become more accepting of Cannabis? How are you, as an influencer, helping change this? 

I think society has become accepting of Cannabis, especially pushing the narrative as something that is “not bad,” learning that you can smoke weed and be active, rather than lazy as it is typically stigmatized as doing. Weed doesn’t prevent you from doing anything. It’s all about destigmatizing now and trying to veer away from the negative connotations it once had.

9. What part of content creation do you enjoy the most? 

My favorite part of content creation is having the opportunity to share with people on a large scale and influence and inspire them through sharing motivational quotes, song quotes, and words that resonate with my audience. I’m extremely passionate about  inspiring people and helping them live a better life, and being able to create content that accomplishes that is the best part.

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