How to Cure a Hangover with Nuvata

We get it. You’re having fun, hanging out with friends, celebrating that big news — when suddenly you can’t remember if this is your… third drink? Fourth? And did you make sure to drink a whole glass of water before the last one? Or were you about to drink water now? Is it bad if everything is spinning?

Don’t worry, it’s easy to over do it on alcohol during a night out. But what can you do the day after, when your tongue feels like a sock and it sounds like a metal concert in your head? Be nice to yourself, and follow these tips:

1. Hydrate

Alcohol is mega-dehydrating. It’s a “diuretic,” which means it pushes fluids through your body and kidneys faster — so if you don’t replenish that water, you’re going to feel terrible.

Instead of chugging plain water the morning after, try drinking something with electrolytes (like salt). Sports drinks and drinks for those with an illness (ie: Pedialyte) can rehydrate your body without diluting what electrolytes you already have.

Now, stick with us here, but giving yourself “cottonmouth” can be a great way to get yourself to keep drinking fluids. (The feeling of a dry mouth after imbibing cannabis isn’t a result of dehydration, but a lack of saliva.) By inducing this usually unnecessary side effect, you can make a physical reminder for yourself to get that extra 64 oz of water you definitely need.

2. Find Your Hangover Strain

You need your perfect hangover cannabis. Some people need a mood lift during a hangover. For others, the nausea during a hangover is unbearable. Find the right cannabis for your specific mix of hangover ailments and you’ll find tremendous relief.

If you’re feeling totally dead the day after drinking, try indulging in one of our Mind-Body vapes — Orange, our “mind dominant” vaporizer is perfect for lifting hangover brain fog and elevating your mood. Myrcene provides a calming sensation, while humulene and pinene keep your mind alert and focused.

3. Sleep

Sleep is when your body heals. So one surefire way to get over that hangover, without suffering through it, is to sleep it off! But dozing when your whole body aches can be a challenge. And we have the solution.

Our body-dominant vaporizers will encourage rest and relaxation no matter what state you’re in. Blue has the terpene limonene to set a meditative tone, while myrcene provides a strong, calming effect.

However hard you choose to go or not, we salute you, dear partiers. Just… maybe keep a water bottle on you next time.

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