Disguise Your Cannabis Smell With Nuvata Vapes

Canna-Curious? Yet Worry About the Smell?

The Discreet ‘Mind Body’ Vape Series by Nuvata May Just Be Your Answer.

53 percent of non-consumers in America say that they don’t like the smell of cannabis. Statistics like that, coupled with a still pervasive stigma towards the medicinal and recreational-use of cannabis, and canna-curious and consumers alike find themselves in a smelly predicament as we move closer towards mass legalization.

Aroma or Odor? It Depends.

What some refer to as a pleasant aroma from smokable cannabis products, others find to be odorous, sometimes even offensive. Nuvata set out to traverse that gap while also committing to produce the best flavored cannabis vapes on the market. 

And get this? Their discrete vapes may solve your discretion predicament, too.

Imagine how many cannacurious folks remain hesitant to try this miracle plant simply due to the smell, the stigma, or both? 

Now, imagine those same consumers getting their hands on newer, more convenient methods of incorporating medicinal or recreational cannabis into their wellness regimen? Nuvata does, going even further by also focusing on aromatics.

Where Nuvata Comes In 

Making it simple and easy for you to enjoy wellness, mindfulness, and the mind and body high of full body cannabis is the first step. Not only is Nuvata passionate about producing the best weed vape, they are also excited to educate consumers on a product line that seeks to inform the closed-minded, which, in turn can help end the stigma towards valuable, plant-based forms of healing.  

Discretion Advised

Whether relaxing at home, attending a socially-distant gathering, or, yes, even as we begin to re-enter the workplace in an almost post-pandemic world, new and curious cannabis users may find consuming responsibility in public, or on the job difficult. 

Especially discreetly. 

But, what if we told you that you may still be able to experience an authentic full-body, mind and body high without worrying so much about the aromatics or smell? 

You’d be thrilled, right? Well, cannabis community member Mskindness was. 

Professional educator and cannabis advocate, Mskindness B. Ramirez, M.A.Ed, approved of the scent factor immediately, telling Nuvata, “there was no distinct odor in the air after trying the mind or body dominant vape!” 

She went on to share that to her, a great vaping experience is “easy, tasty, and effective”. In this case, effective can mean inconspicuous. 

Suggestions for Dosing 

As with anything on this site, information should not be considered medical advice and all suggestions are just that, suggestions or personal anecdotes about patients and advocates experiences with full body cannabis consumption. 

Mskindness further shared that, “when trying a new vaporizer, it’s important to follow the rule of low and slow. She “always recommends a gentle pull, 2 to 3 times and then waiting 15 minutes for onset”. 

“I practiced that method with the Nuvata Body vape and the experience was quite pleasant.”

How Stands Nuvata Above The Rest?

Designed for on-the-go consumption, Nuvata vaporizers are fashionable, efficient, inconspicuous, and most importantly: made of quality products! The ceramic coil and the dual air flow technology gives better flavor retention so you can spend your time focused on the positive effects of cannabis, and less on the odor. 

Nuvata vaporizers from the Mind Body series deliver proprietary, terpene-rich, and naturally flavored cannabis oil for optimum balance. Enjoy the wellness, mindfulness, and fun that cannabis can bring to your life without so much aromatics or odor!

Creativity Abound For Active Minds

Mskindness also tried “the tangerine before jumping in the shower one morning” and reported how impressed she was that the “taste was amazing”. 

“I immediately got a fresh hint of citrus through my olfactory glands. It was nice! About 8 minutes in, my clarity awakened. Ideas started coming to me and I literally had to jump out of the shower to voice record them. It was a lovely experience. On the pull, I noticed that the more gentle, the more flavorful. A hard pull did result in a little burn. In comparison to other Vape products, the Terps were outstanding.” 

Mskindness B. Ramirez, M.A.Ed

The unique and complex flavors of Nuvata come from naturally-occurring compounds and blends that use a wide range of botanically-inspired components to create bolder, fruitier, and tastier flavors, and a lot of love. 

All of this is done within a strict set of ingredient standards that are designed to meet compliance and quality requirements now and into the future.

For more information on educator, advocate, and author, Mskindness, follow her journey here

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