An Insta-Gram Worthy Summer With Nuvata

Regardless of the weather outside, who says we all can’t have a smokin’ hot summer? At Nuvata, we have created and perfect six premium vaporizers—each with its own unique blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids—making the perfect summer accessory to bring along to any activity. Each individual vape offers a refreshing flavor and effects ranging from uplifting to relaxing and everything in between. 

With both mind and body dominant vapes—there’s a Nuvata vaporizer for every summer activity. Each vape is discreet, disposable, and offers a dosable experience. So, pack it in your pocket or purse, but, one thing is for sure—you won’t want to forget it at home. Need a list of some Nuvata-friendly summer activities? We’ve got you covered.

#1 Stay Highly Efficient: Full Mind

Whether you’re working from home during these times or scouring Pinterest for your next project idea, Nuvata’s strawberry flavored Full Mind vape and its uplifting effects make it a go-to item for fueling your creativity and keeping you motivated throughout the work day. Need inspiration? Grab your vape and dive into one of these easy and fun DIY projects and transform your space with some new, cute décor.

#2: H.I.I.T. the Gym: Mind Dominant

Skip the pre-workout this summer and trade it in for Nuvata’s Mind Dominant tangerine flavored vape. This vaporizer is the ideal workout companion to join you on your journey to obtaining that summer beach bod. With its conveniently small size, it can easily fit in your gym bag, fanny pack, or legging pockets, helping keep you energized through any of your favorite summer activities. Whether you’re exploring a new trail or getting in your daily at home exercise, bring it along for a refreshing and energizing high to help keep you going.

#3 Ease Your Mind: Mind Balance

With its discreet design and a blend for almost every occasion, Nuvata vapes pair well with guided meditations and at-home yoga practice, while we try to maintain our mental and physical health through the pandemic. The uplifting effects of the mind balanced tropical flavor is a must-have for activities that require both mental and physical participation–inducing a high that’s conducive to staying focused. So, find your favorite online meditation guide or yoga class, set up your mat, and grab your tropical flavored Nuvata pen to help you stay concentrated, focused, and get the most out of your practice.

#4: B.Y.O.V: Body Balance

Forget B.Y.O.B.—if you’re looking for an engaging high this summer, make sure to B.Y.O.V.—or bring your own vape, that is. Everything’s better with a hint of lime, and socializing (responsibly), is no different. If you’re going a bit stir crazy, Nuvata’s lime flavored vape provides the perfect body high for a masked picnic with your quarantine crew—allowing for an engaging high, even for those that dread social interactions.

#5: Netflix & Chill: Body Dominant

Why quarantine alone, when the relaxing, body dominant high of our naturally flavored blueberry vape makes for the ideal Netflix & Chill companion. Enjoy its peaceful, body dominant effects as you binge all the latest shows. This vape is the perfect addition to your bedside table—especially during times where we’re stuck inside.

#6: I’d Hit It: Full Body

Spice up your summer fling with the refreshing wild grape flavor of our full body vape—ideal for amplifying sensations while providing a relaxing high, this is the vape you’ll want to keep on hand when it comes to getting intimate with a partner.

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